World Youth Day

Krakow - July 2016

About Krakow

Krakow is an amazing city - it has history, culture, beauty, pilgimage places and things that will literally take your breath away. From the incredible market square the largest in the world, to the unbelievable salt mines which is so big it has 40 underground churches and one Basilica - again the largest in the world. It is both a lively city and a peaceful and friendly one. In planning the World Youth Day we have had to visit Krakow twice already and it has be a wonderful experience each time.

Around Krakow

Krakow's Main Square
Wawel Castle

Wawel Cathedral
The Courtyard in Wawel Castle

Saint Mary's Church

St Mary's Basilica in the Main Square
Inside St Mary's Basilica


Walking into the Salt Mines
The largest of 40 Churches in the Salt Mine

Divine Mercy Sanctuary

Divine Mercy Sanctuary
Divine Mercy Chapel with the Image

Saint John Paul II Centre

St John Paul II Church
St John Paul II Crypt
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It is with huge sadness that we have to announce that we`ve been forced to cancel our trip to World Youth Day. The reasons for this were nothing to do with our price, our suppliers or the package we were offering. We hope you can still get to Krakow and take part in the extraordinary experience that is WYD.