World Youth Day

Krakow - July 2016

Who's Organising the Trip?

Dan, Nick & Gwen - part of CathCom`s WYD Team in Krakow

The trip is being organised by the CathCom Group. We are a collection of Catholic communications companies, publications and projects based in the UK. We have experience of taking young people to 3 past World Youth Days. We have also provided music/liturgy for World Youth Days and we published 50,000 newspapers in Madrid for the World Youth Day in 2011.

Our main reason for organising the trip is to make it as accessible as possible for young people to go. We want to share with others what we experienced when we first went!

Outside of the World Youth Days we publish many Catholic Newspapers, we have run an online Catholic Directory since 1997, we design websites and we build IT systems for Dioceses, Organisations and Companies.

More about CathCom

As well as across the CathCom Group we also publish: Lancaster Voice, Middlesbrough Voice, Hallam News, Nottingham Catholic News, The Vine, Catholic East Anglia, A&B News, Catholic South West, The Catholic Mother, CWL News and CathCom Reach.

For the World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 we published 50,000 newspapers which was the only English publication at the WYD which had articles and pictures from the event itself. You can see the paper at

As individuals our background has been in youthwork and liturgy. We regularly provide music for events and help support Youth events.

We also build IT/finance systems for charities and we publish one-off magazines/books for Dioceses.

Although we are a company we seek to promote and support the Catholic Church - but we have to generate our own money to do it rather than relying on donations.

World Youth Day Krakow 2016 LogoWhy we are doing a trip to the WYD?

We feel the WYD can be a life-changing and a Church-changing experience. We want as many people as possible to share the experience we have had at World Youth Days which is part of the reason why CathCom exists today

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions, if you would like to speak to someone about leading a group or if you or anyone in your group is under 18 on the date we leave, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Nick, Oz & Daniel - part of CathCom`s WYD Team in Madrid 2011

Nick Layton, Daniel Griffiths or Gwen Wiseman
Main Switchboard: 020 7112 6710
WYD Office Address: CathCom, N2 Blois Meadow Business Centre
Steeple Bumpstead
Essex, CB9 7BN

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It is with huge sadness that we have to announce that we`ve been forced to cancel our trip to World Youth Day. The reasons for this were nothing to do with our price, our suppliers or the package we were offering. We hope you can still get to Krakow and take part in the extraordinary experience that is WYD.