World Youth Day

Krakow - July 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about People Under 18 Years Old.

Frequently Asked Questions What is the policy for under 18s?

We want to enable under 18s to go to the World Youth Day. Therefore, we have done a huge amount of work to secure accommodation that can be organised in a way that is suitable for under 18s. However, we do not have the resources to take responsibility for people under 18. So we are happy to accept bookings from groups/schools who are bring under 18s and are taking on responsibility for their young people.

What if I am under 18 and I'm not with a group

Firstly, find out if there is a group you could go with. Ask your parish or your school if they would be willing to organise a group from your parish. It could be that you get people interested and get a group together and the parish/school provide the leaders/teachers so it complies with their regulations for taking young people on a trip. It could mean because of you a whole group from your parish or school come to the WYD!

What if my local parish or school can't take a group

Don't give up! Get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do. We don't want anyone to be left behind - but we do have to do things properly. But it may be that we can organise for you to be part of another group that is coming with us. We can't guarantee anything - but we will think outside the box and do evrything we can to include you!

What is your child protection policy

We will have a very basic child protection policy in place for our team - the reason for it being very basic is because any group bringing people under 18 will have to follow their own child protection policy. If it is a school or an organisation they will have their own child protection policy and if it is a parish they will have to follow the Diocesan child protection policy. These policies will supercede our child protection policy in all cases. Our policy will only cover our interaction with young people under 18 which should be minimum and will be kept within their own relevant child protection policy. We would ensure that we have copies of the child protection policy for each group so anything we do falls within that policy.

Priority with Accommodation

For the accommodation to be suitable for under 18s, we have to know where they will be staying. Therefore, whatever the accommodation is that is organised by the WYD organisation, will not be suitable as it is not allotted until the last minute. Therefore, priority in the campsite has to be given to under 18s or groups with under 18s in it.

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It is with huge sadness that we have to announce that we`ve been forced to cancel our trip to World Youth Day. The reasons for this were nothing to do with our price, our suppliers or the package we were offering. We hope you can still get to Krakow and take part in the extraordinary experience that is WYD.