World Youth Day

Krakow - July 2016

Free World Youth Day Tickets



If you can get 25 people together to come to the World Youth Day you will get your ticket for free! Simple as that!

Who can the 25 people be?

They can be anyone - it can be

  • a formal group - you could decide to lead a trip from your parish/university where you collect people's details and register them.
  • an informal group - you could give talks, put up posters and show videos in local churches/universities and encourage people to come along - they can either book through you or they can book direct with us and notify us that they are part of your group
  • a group of friends - who either book through you or direct through the website
  • total strangers - you could promote the World Youth Day through social media - we will give you a link which will link them to you if they register.

Who can't they be?

They can't be:

  • people that have already registered with us
  • people that are already registered with a group that is coming with us
  • the person who you have put down as having told you about the WYD trip
  • anyone under 18 - see below...

Do you have to be responsible for them?

That depends - if you have put together a formal group and you have told people that you are going to lead a group to the World Youth Day and they have booked on that basis - then yes you need to be responsible for them during the week. If you have just encouraged them to come along, given a talk, got a group of friends together or promoted it on social media, then they are booking as individuals with us and you do NOT need to be responsible for them - they are responsible for themselves.

Under 18s

We cannot guarantee that this offer will apply to anyone under 18 that you get to come along. Firstly, if someone is under 18 they have to come with a group which will be responsible for them. If you are putting together a formal group and you are including under 18s then that's fine - however, you will have to follow ALL the child protection policies for the relevant authority (your local Diocese or School). If someone under 18 books with us individually, whether it is as a result of your promotion or not, we will have to see if they can go with another group that can be responsible for them - therefore, this would go towards their free place as they would need to have a suitable number of leaders to be responsible for any under 18s.

However, if you were able to encourage a secondary school to offer the WYD as a school trip we could arrange for some kind of discount or possible a free place.

What if I can't get 25 people

For every person you get to come along you will get 10 off your trip. If you get 24 you will get 240 off your trip - if you get 25 you will go FREE!!

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It is with huge sadness that we have to announce that we`ve been forced to cancel our trip to World Youth Day. The reasons for this were nothing to do with our price, our suppliers or the package we were offering. We hope you can still get to Krakow and take part in the extraordinary experience that is WYD.