World Youth Day

Krakow - July 2016

Taking a School Trip to the World Youth Day

The idea of taking student to the World Youth Day is an amazing pospect!! We are very excited about this as are the schools we have already spoken to. We feel that it will not only be life-changing for the individuals that you take but for your school as a whole when students return home and tell people about their experience!

As soon as we announced that we were doing a trip to the World Youth Day, we were approached by a number of schools asking whether they could offer this to student and come with us as a school trip. We have spent the past few months working to put together a package that would be perfect for school groups.



We know where the accommodation will be - we have various different options from camping to hotels - but we would honestly recommend the camping above anything else. We have worked with many school trips before and we feel the space, the layout and the calmness will help make the WYD much easier for the students and the teachers.

We thought about having a campsite as a cheap second-best, however, when we visited we immediately asked if we could book it for the following week for the staff and their families so we can relax after the trip - even those people who will travel back to the UK with coaches wanted to come back and stay in the campsite. That's how good it is!

If you really feel that you don't want to camp then please let us know as we do have the option of hostels, university lecture room floors, hotels - but all of these will significantly increase the cost of the trip

Events at the Campsite

One of the biggest benefits with the campsite is that we can set it up how we want it and we will hopefully be able to offer spaces for you to use and possibly some events at the campsite. The Polish tourist board suggested we could have basic Polish language classes, Polish cooking and we will also try to have music and prayer so we can have a calm mini-festival feel to the campsite.


Travel is by coach - if you feel that this is not suitable for your school do let us know as we are happy to be flexible - but going by plane will significantly increase the price. Providing your School Group is big enough we will be able to collect you from your school, however, this may add to the price slightly but this should only be around 10-20 per person for a full coach.

Resources to help you promote the WYD to your students

We have put together resources to help you promote the World Youth Day to your students (including the video on the homepage) and we will continue to provide resources over the coming month to generate interest from your students and to prepare them for the WYD.

Responsibility & Child Protection

We will provide everything you need to offer a safe trip - however, you will be responsible for your students. Your school's child protection policy will take presidence over anything else and you will be required to bring a suitable number of teachers to supervise your students. We will be very happy to help and our staff will be DBS checked - but your school and your teachers will be responsible for your students

Costs, Booking & Deposits

The cost for the main package will be 450. We may have to charge slightly more if you want to be collected from your school but this should be between 10-20. We are aware that you will have to book places for teachers and you will have your own costs so you are welcome to charge extra for tickets to cover your necessary costs

We do have limited places so we would advice booking as soon as possible. To book for schools you will need to put down a deposit of 3,500 for up to 50 people. This will allow us to make sure your accommodation and coach is booked - but please don't let the deposit be a barrier to taking a school trip - just contact us and we'll try our very best to accommodate you.


All insurances will be in place for the trip. This includes Tour Operators Public Liability Insurance of 10 million and Financial Failure Insurance which ensures your money is safe if anything happens to our company.

Risk Assessment

Based on advice from professional Health & Safety experts, they suggested that each school will have their own protocols and procedures. Therefore, we will publish our Risk Assessment on this website for people to look at and comment on. This will enable us to develop the Risk Assessment that will take into account as many school's needs as possible. This will then provide a document which is much closer to the Risk Assessment you will need for your school and for you local authority than one that we draw up without consultation. It will also provide complete openness and transparency.

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It is with huge sadness that we have to announce that we`ve been forced to cancel our trip to World Youth Day. The reasons for this were nothing to do with our price, our suppliers or the package we were offering. We hope you can still get to Krakow and take part in the extraordinary experience that is WYD.